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Mathilde Lemang


Kouwenhoven Lab

Mathilde Lemang received a Master of Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology (Phelma) in 2015. Then she worked for three years on her PhD in STMicroelectronics. She focused on the silicide formation in advanced microelectronics technologies. This project allowed her to work on the understanding of the mechanisms involved in the solid-state reactions to form silicides and to perform metallurgical characterizations of alloyed contacts (Atom Probe Tomography, XRD, TEM and SEM).

She worked in the R&D department of STMicroelectronics in collaboration with CEA-Leti a technology research institute with expertise for research and nano devices fabrication. After receiving her PhD, she joined DENSsolutions in the Netherlands as a Research Engineer. Mathilde focused on in-situ TEM R&D projects and was working in close collaboration with customers. She participated in two articles about the company’s work on liquid in-situ solutions and she was co-organizer of the SEEN2020 workshop in Lyon.

Mathilde started to work at QuTech in 2020 as a Nanofabrication Specialist in Leo Kouwenhoven’s Lab. Her main goal is to develop new designs and fabrication processes for Majorana qubits in the QuTech / Microsoft joint effort to build a topological quantum computer. Her motivation lies in the challenges that arise in the fabrication and design of scalable quantum architectures. We are still at the dawn of quantum computing, and it is exciting to find out what it will be made of.

On her spare time, Mathilde enjoys cycling and painting as well as board games and learning Dutch.