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Mateusz Mądzik


Room B104
Vandersypen Lab

Mateusz Mądzik obtained his BSc in Electrical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland (2014), where he focused on integrated circuit design. Subsequently, he earned his MSc in Microsystems Engineering from Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi (2016) with an emphasis on micro-electromechanical systems. Mateusz then carried out his doctoral studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, where he utilized ion implanted impurities in silicon as quantum bits. Most notably, he studied decoherence effects due to nuclear spin freezing and demonstrated two qubit gates between electron spins bound to two Phosphorus donors and, in a separate experiment, between nuclear spins in a two-donor cluster. His scientific interest is in practical applications of quantum technologies.

After completing his PhD degree in 2020, Mateusz joined the Vandersypen Lab at QuTech as a Postdoctoral Researcher. His current work focuses on multi-qubit operations with Si/SiGe quantum dots. While developing measurements techniques and benchmarking qubit performance, he is always looking at the scalability potential of each method.

Mateusz likes to actively spend his free time, either by kitesurfing on a Dutch coast, cycling or playing badminton. In an indoor type of weather, he is always keen on some board games.