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Marta Pita Vidal


Room E245
Kouwenhoven lab

Marta Pita-Vidal studied Mathematics and Engineering Physics at CFIS (UPC, Barcelona). Before coming to Delft, she did research stays at Frank Koppen’s group (ICFO, Castelldefells) and at Pablo Jarillo-Herrero’s group (MIT, Cambridge). There, she performed optics and electronic transport measurements to investigate properties of TMDs, graphene and other two-dimensional materials. After that, Marta received a MSc in Applied Physics from the TU Delft, where she further specialized in the area of quantum nanoscience. After a research internship at Microsoft Station Q, in Santa Barbara, numerically investigating phenomena in Josephson junctions, she is now pursuing a PhD at the Kouwenhoven Lab. She experimentally researches hybrid devices that incorporate semiconducting nanowires into superconducting circuits.

In her free time, Marta loves spending time with her friends and family. Her hobbies include painting, running and anything that makes her learn or experience new things.


16 May 2023 - The Asociación de Becarios de la Fundación Barrié created a video with Marta Pita Vidal as part of a series of videos called 'Becarios por el mundo' ('Scholars around the world'). These videos are presented by former scholars of the Barrié Foundation, the Spanish foundation that funded Marta’s master studies five years ago. The goal is to inspire and awaken vocation among young people, as well as to provide information about the topics on which former scholars are working at the moment. In this case, Marta talks about quantum computing in general and about the research we do here at QuTech. Direct link