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Mariya Sholkina


Room B004
Optics Technical Engineer & Laser Safety Officer

Mariya Shokina studied Nonlinear Optics and Spectroscopy at the Kharkiv National University (Ukraine). She worked at Utrecht University as a researcher in the Biophysical group on single molecule imaging. Then she moved on to the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam) where she worked on the development of Raman spectroscopy fingerprinting for biomedical applications. Mariya moved from optical biophysics and worked as RnD and QA in the field of chip technology and characterization for in-situ TEM holders (DENSsolutions in Delft).

Mariya started working for QuTech, in September 2019, as an Optical Technical Engineer and Laser Safety Officer for all the QINC optical labs. She is mainly working with the groups of Hanson, Tittel and Taminiau and TNO engineers.

Outside working hours Mariya does trailrunning (ultra)marathons, skiing, and rock climbing. She also likes traveling with her husband and children, playing piano, reading and enjoying nice wine with friends.