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Mario Lodari


Room B209
Scappucci Lab

Mario Lodari (Sesto S. Giovanni, Italy, 1989) studied at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), where he received a MSc in Physics Engineering (2014) and a PhD in Physics (2018). He carried out his PhD research at the L-NESS (Laboratory for Nanostructure Epitaxy and Spintronics on Silicon) in Como, Italy. During these years, Mario’s scientific interests span over several topics. Micro- and nano-device fabrication was his main field of expertise. In particular, he focused on how to modify semiconductors optical properties. He used strain engineering and plasmonics to demonstrate how to tune and boost the germanium absorption in the near infrared.

He firstly joined QuTech as a visiting PhD student for a 6 months internship (2017). Then, after obtaining his PhD Mario joined the Scappucci Lab as a postdoc in 2018. Since then, he contributed to several works, where Si and Ge quantum wells have been investigated within the quantum information framework. Device fabrication and perform electrical measurements at cryogenic temperatures are his main tasks. Among his published works, stands out the demonstration of holes light effective mass, vanishing Zeeman energy, and very low disorder/low percolation density/low charge noise with holes in germanium quantum wells.

In his spare time, Mario enjoys photography very much. As an experimental scientist, he also loved to experiment with all genres possible: from portraiture to sport and wildlife, from macro to landscape photography. Reading, cooking, trekking (when he is not in The Netherlands), taking long walks, and sim racing are other ways he spends most of his out of lab time.