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Liubov Markovich


Room F028

Borregaard Group

Liubov Markovich obtained her PhD (Probability, information and correlation characteristics of quantum systems) in 2018 under the supervision of Prof. V.I. Man'ko in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Her PhD is about the properties and characteristics of quantum systems without subsystems and the application of a tomographic description of quantum mechanics in quantum information theory. Since her bachelor and master thesis were dedicated to probability theory, statistics and signal processing, a part of her publication in collaboration with Prof. A. Messina from Palermo University concerns more to mathematical problems and application of known results of quantum mechanics to solve classical mathematical problems.

Liubov started working for QuTech in October 2020 as a PostDoc in the Borregaard Group.

In her spare time, Liubov likes gym and boxing classes. But most of her free time she devotes to oil painting and graphics.