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Léo Bourdet


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Léo Bourdet studied physics and engineering at Phelma – Grenoble Institute of Technology (2015), he specialized in micro and nano-electronics. He then pursued his PhD (2018) at CEA Grenoble, in the laboratory of atomistic simulation. During his PhD he studied the electrical control of spins, using realistic simulations with atomistic tight-binding and k.p methods.

His PhD work was part of the Grenoble Quantum Silicon Group, whose goal is to leverage silicon industrial technology to build a scalable quantum computer, based on spin qubits. There Léo studied the fundamental mechanisms behind the electrical manipulation of the spin of electrons and holes. He used these insights to propose a new qubit operation scheme, which is now patented.

Léo joined QuTech in 2019, as a simulation engineer in Leo Kouwenhoven’s Lab, in collaboration with Microsoft. His main topic is the modeling of strain in Majorana devices, and the impact strain has on the topological properties of the system. He is also working on the geometry optimization of these devices.