Koen Bertels

Room HB 10.310
+31 15 27 81632
Fault-tolerant Quantum Computing

Koen Bertels is professor in Computer Engineering at the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science where he is responsible for the Computer Engineering Laboratory.
He has been working extensively in the domain of heterogeneous multi-core platforms with an emphasis on combining  FPGAs with conventional processors.  He worked both on architectural as well as programmability issues. This research led to the creation of spin-off, BlueBee that offers an accelerated cloud service for genome sequencing.

At QuTech, he is involved in the Fault-Tolerant computing roadmap and investigating the system design and architecture challenges especially in relation to the requirements of quantum algorithms. The focus is primarily on the scaling challenges assuming that a large number of qubits are available and investigating how they can be efficiently used and controlled.  He also collaborates with the experimental physicists who develop a quantum processor and contributes to the development of the control electronics.
He is excited about quantum computing because a quantum computer is the ultimate accelerator giving access to problem domains that are currently out of scope in conventional computing.  The fact that quantum computing is still very early stage technology makes it especially attractive.

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