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Jake Davidson


Room B009
+31 15 27 87005
Tittel Lab

Jake Davidson (Philadephia, PA, 1992) received his bachelors in Physics and Mathematics from Hamilton College (2015). After a stint as a software developer, he completed his MSc in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Calgary (2018) in Alberta, Canada where his research centered on creating remote entanglement between a pair of quantum memory devices.

After a move to Delft in 2018 he joined the Tittel Lab. Jake has focused on improving key parameters of quantum memories made from garnet gemstones doped with Thulium atoms. This work has taken him through well-equipped and friendly labs across the world with results coming from work in Canada, the USA, and Europe.

Jake is particularly interested in outreach activities during his programme at QuTech. From an academic standpoint he has had many opportunities to present research to colleagues in the field during various conferences and meetings. Simultaneously, as one of the QuTech Speakers, he has given talks to general audiences about quantum information including one entitled: 'Everything I Didn’t Used to Know About Quantum Information'. He is always on the lookout for more opportunities including podcasting and in person talks.

In his spare time Jake enjoys getting out for exercise in the great outdoors, which in the Netherlands means a lot of cycling. For some down time, you can usually find him at a good pub quiz or trivia night.