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Ingrid Romijn


Room E141
+31 (0)15 2782445

Ingrid Romijn is working as Program Manager Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Networks.

Ingrid studied physics at the Leiden University where she received her PhD in Solid State Physics on metal-insulator transitions in conducting polymers and composite materials. She joined ECN Solar Energy (now part of TNO) in 2004, where she started working as a researcher and later on as a project leader (2006) on advanced solar cells. During 2011, the focus of the work shifted towards the development and industrialization of solar cell and module technology. From 2012 - 2018 Ingrid was program manager for bifacial cells and modules at ECN Solar Energy. From 2014 to 2018 she also worked as team leader and deputy senior manager in the Manufacturing Technology group. In this function, she managed a group of 15-20 researchers that worked together in projects on research and development of bifacial PV.

In 2018, Ingrid took up a new challenge at the Technical University Delft, to work as program manager at QuTech. The work involves project development, technology transfer and industrialization of quantum technology. Moving quantum technology from the laboratory and fundamental research environment into society, while acquiring new projects and securing intellectual property, are important facets of her work. In 2019, Ingrid was part of the team to create and write the Dutch National Agenda for Quantum Technology.

Ingrid Romijn is one of the QuTech Speakers and gives presentations to broad audiences about quantum technology and its impact on society. She also represents QuTech at various “Quantum to Business” conferences and helps organize the yearly IQT-EU conference.

In her spare time, Ingrid likes to sport outdoors (running, hiking, skiing), do yoga and play the piano.