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Guus Avis


Room B109
+31 15 2788191
Wehner Group

Guus Avis obtained a BSc in physics and a BA in philosophy from the University of Groningen in 2016, and an MSc in theoretical physics (with focus on cosmology) from Utrecht University in 2018. Shortly after, he joined the group of Stephanie Wehner in the quantum internet division at QuTech as a PhD student. There, he uses theoretical tools and simulations to investigate how best to build the quantum internet. What quantum devices are best suited for what network tasks, and how should they be positioned? What are the most-needed experimental developments?

In his free time, Guus enjoys playing tabletop games (both board games and role playing), taking lessons in dancing and creative writing (not at the same time, sadly), listening to audiobooks when cycling from his home in Rotterdam to his office in Delft and cooking delicious vegan meals.