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PhD student

Guoji Zheng


Room B108
Vandersypen Lab

Guoji Zheng received a BSc and MSc in Applied Physics with focus on Quantum Nanoscience and Quantum Computing from Delft University of Technology. He obtained a Casimir PhD grant in 2016 to fund his PhD research at QuTech at the Vandersypen Lab. His research topic is about circuit quantum electrodynamics with electron spins confined in semiconductor quantum dots. During his PhD years, he co-demonstrated a strong coupling between a single photon and a single electron spin. Furthermore, he showed fast gate-based readout of spins in a single-shot fashion using on-chip superconducting resonators. Moreover, he co-developed on-chip gate filters to suppress microwave leakage from high-impedance resonators.

Guoji won the Best Article Prize in the Dutch Journal of Physics (NTvN) competition in 2020 with a popular article about his research work.

In his spare time, Guoji enjoys running and occasionally participates in long distance running events. He is also passionate about traveling to other countries and try their local cuisines.