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Flors Mor Ruiz


Wehner Group

Flors Mor Ruiz is currently doing her MSc Applied Physics, in the track Quantum Devices and Quantum Computing, at the TU Delft. She started her master thesis in September 2020 in Stephanie Wehner’s group. Her thesis revolves around the one-way quantum repeater, one specific type of quantum repeaters. The goal Flors is working towards, is to identify the fastest route to building the first practical one-way quantum repeater. To do so, she wishes to compare different types of encoding and hardware realizations. She is also interested if this scheme will be able to compete with other types of quantum repeaters in the near term or once there is enough technological advancement.

In her spare time, Flors likes to hang out with her friends and walk around Delft. She really enjoys the city center and all the little canals. She also loves to play board games with her friends and some nice hot chocolate.