Filip Rozpedek

Room B204
Wehner Group

My interests are mostly in the field of quantum communication. I investigate the methods in which one can efficiently generate entanglement and secret-key over large distances. Practical schemes for remote entanglement generation over a quantum network will be based on multiplexing which we have analysed in van Dam et al., Quantum Sci. Technol. 2 034002 (2017). For quantum networks with long distance links, direct transmission of photons through the fibre suffers great losses and needs to be aided by the so-called quantum repeaters, which we have investigated in Rozpędek et al., arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.00043 (2017). The final ingredient of a quantum repeater is entanglement distillation, which is often a necessary tool for preserving high fidelity of the long distance entangled links. In our recent work we investigate numerically the optimality of existing distillation schemes for experimentally relevant quantum states. In the past I have also worked on foundations of quantum mechanics, specifically on the quantum uncertainty principle. In Rozpędek et al., New J. Phys. 19 023038 (2017) we investigated the question whether all uncertainty in the entropic formulation of this principle is really intrinsic to the measurement process.