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Eduardo Matos Maschio


Kouwenhoven Lab

Eduardo Matos Maschio studied Physics at the State University of Londrina, Brazil. He received a MSc in Physics from the Federal University of ABC, Brazil, in 2012. His main research involved quantum information processing on qubits and hamiltonian engineering in circuit quantum electrodynamics using modulated frequency in a transmon to generate twin photons through parametric conversions.

From 2017 to 2019, Eduardo worked as a Data Scientist and Researcher on blockchain technologies and he worked as Data Analyst/ Programmer at some startups in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2020 he started at the Microsoft Quantum Lab Delft as a Data Engineer/ Programmer to provide automation and data analysis on different stages of qubit fabrication.

Eduardo started working for QuTech in the beginning of 2021 as a Data Engineer at the Kouwenhoven Lab. His duties include providing data acquisition, data extraction and data analysis on various scenarios involving microscopes and other equipment for qubit characterization and fabrication.

During his free time, he learns and develops quantum algorithms and applications for the quantum internet, studies languages and cultures, and takes insightful walks in the park.