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Carlo Delle Donne


Room B111
+31 (0)15 2787077
Wehner group

Carlo Delle Donne (Potenza, Italy, 1994) studied Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (BSc) at the University of Bologna, and Embedded Systems (MSc) at TU Delft. He then joined Stephanie Wehner’s group at QuTech as a PhD student in December 2018. He works towards the design and implementation of a software stack for quantum internet nodes, and help bridge the gap between abstract applications and complicated physical hardware.

Besides being a quantum internet researcher, an embedded systems engineer and an open-source software enthusiast, Carlo enjoys travelling, visiting museums, binging movies (the weirder, the better), blasting music in his apartment, and cooking (not just pizza and lasagna). He used to do sports before starting his PhD, and he hopes to resume that soon (but perhaps “after the next deadline”).