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Benjamin Pingault


Room B104
+31 15 2781192
Taminiau Lab

Benjamin Pingault obtained master’s degrees in condensed matter physics at Paris-Sud 11 (now Paris Saclay, France) and in chemistry and applied physics (diplome d’ingenieur) at ESPCI Paris. He moved to the University of Cambridge for his PhD (2017) where he investigated the properties of the silicon-vacancy centre in diamond for quantum information processing. There, he characterized the physics of this colour centre, demonstrated for the first-time coherent control of its spin, and investigated and improved its coherence properties. He then moved to Harvard University to study how to interface the silicon-vacancy spin with the phonon modes of an optomechanical cavity and investigate the strain response of two-dimensional materials.

Benjamin joined QuTech in 2019 thanks to a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship through which he is jointly affiliated with the Taminiau Lab and that of Marko Loncar at Harvard. At QuTech, he is contributing to the study of the coherence properties of coupled pairs of nuclear spins in diamond.

In his spare time, Benjamin enjoys studying foreign languages and going on hikes.