Bas Dirkse

Wehner Group
Room B201

+31 (0) 15 2788191

Throughout my bachelor’s and master’s education at TU Delft I have had interests in the overlap between physics and mathematics. Initially this was in the domain of computational physics, doing a bachelor project in finite element methods for nonlinear acoustics. During my master’s I became increasingly interested in quantum information theory and therefore I graduated in the group of Stephanie Wehner. The project (with Jonas Helsen) was in the statistical analysis of randomized benchmarking type experiments for characterizing quantum gate sets.

Currently I am a joint PhD student in the groups of Stephanie Wehner (QuTech/TU Delft) and Michael Walter (QuSoft/UvA/CWI). My research focusses on quantum protocols for non-cryptographic distributed computing tasks. In particular we are analysing such protocols for use in noisy, small-scale quantum networks.

In my free time I play baseball and chess.


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