Axel Dahlberg

Room B205

+31(0)15 2788191
Wehner Group

I come from a small place called Onsala south of Gothenburg in Sweden. In Gothenburg I did my Bachelor at Chalmers in engineering physics but became more interested in theoretical physics and finished with a bachelor thesis on higher-dimensional black holes and group theory. After this I moved to Switzerland to do a master at ETH. Here I found a great interest for quantum information theory and did a master thesis on quantum error-correction codes in the group of Renator Renner.

Now I’m doing a PhD in the group of Stephanie Wehner with the main focus on how to efficiently route entanglement in a quantum network. I investigate, for example, graph states and how these can be manipulated locally, from which I have found an increasing interest for graph theoretical problems.
I also consider what good protocols and interfaces are for keeping track of qubits and states in such a network.

When I am not thinking about routing entanglement I enjoy going climbing.


Transforming graph states using single-qubit operations
Axel Dahlberg, Stephanie Wehner
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 376, 2123 (May 28, 2018)

How to transform graph states using single-qubit operations: computational complexity and algorithms
Axel Dahlberg, Jonas Helsen, Stephanie Wehner

SimulaQron – A simulator for developing quantum internet software
Axel Dahlberg, Stephanie Wehner