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Real-world tests over deployed fibre

An important task that underpins the development of quantum technology is the demonstration of quantum properties such as entanglement and applications such as quantum key distribution (QKD) and teleportation in real-world environments. Our group has specialized in such tests, with examples including QKD, entanglement distribution and teleportation. This work, which was performed using the fibre network across Calgary (where my group was located previously), will be continued in Delft.

MDI-QKD demonstration with senders located at the Foothills hospital and SAIT polytechnic, and the central measurement station at the University of Calgary


Quantum teleportation across the Calgary metropolitan fibre network. Teleportation—the disembodied transfer of a quantum state created in a datacenter depicted in the lower left—took place between City Hall (at the centre) and the University of Calgary (in the upper left)