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Research Overview

Modern life relies on the secure and ever-faster ability to communicate and process information. This paradigm will see dramatic changes in near future due to the advent of the quantum computer, which will render current crypto system used for confidential e-banking, etc., insecure, but will also create possibilities for fundamentally improved computing. Quantum networks, which allow transmitting quantum states encoded into photons ultimately world-wide, enable one to maximize the benefits of quantum computers without suffering from their drawbacks: secure communication based on quantum key distribution (QKD) that cannot be broken; and the possibility to network distant quantum information processing devices for truly mind-boggling computational performance.

The research in our lab is focused on the development of quantum networks. It ranges from the development of QKD systems to quantum repeaters, and stretches from understanding fundamental aspects of matter via component development and demonstrations over deployed fibre all the way to the creation of workable prototypes.

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