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Our group is still growing and positions are available at MSc, PhD and post-doctoral levels. All PhD and post-doctoral positions are fully funded. PhD positions come with a four-year contract, and post-doctoral positions generally start with a one-year term that is expected to be renewed.

Possible topics for PhD and MSc students are described below, and information for post-docs about our general research directions are described on the research pages.

Don’t hesitate to send your CV along with a motivation letter and the names of three references to Prof. Tittel, if you want to become part of a highly dynamic and international team working in a fast-paced environment on one of the big challenges of this decade. Applications for a specific project as well as general applications will be considered.


A quantum interface for future quantum networks. Due to its close relation with quantum repeaters, MDI-QKD can be considered a first step towards an extended quantum network. In its extreme realization, such a network will be comprised of free-space (satellite-based) and fibre optic links, which will allow the distribution of photons over ultra-long distances and conveniently bring them to different users, respectively. In anticipation of this development, the goal of this project is the development of a hybrid and high-rate MDI-QKD system operating over these two types of transmission media. The work will be done in close collaboration with TNO (the Dutch Organization for Applied Natural Science Research), who will develop the free-space link.

Quantum Memory for telecommunication photons. To facilitate the integration of quantum communication technology into existing optical fibre infrastructure, a quantum memory for telecommunication-wavelength photons of around 1550 nm wavelength would be highly desirable. However, despite a lot of research over the past years, including in our own lab, memory performance in terms of storage time and storage efficiency is strongly limited. In this project we will explore the use of a non-ground-state transition in a rare-earth-ion doped crystal, which has never before been investigated for quantum applications, for the storage of such photons. Our preliminary studies show that the targeted transition is allowed, and we also have a conservative bond on coherence time, all of which creates confidence that the demonstration of quantum memory will be possible. The research will include both fundamental spectroscopic studies of relevant crystal properties, in particular level structure and dynamics, as well as the actual development and tests of quantum memory for light.


Towards interoperable MDI-QKD. To prepare the possibility of our MDI-QKD system to operate with different senders, this project focuses on the combination of time-bin qubits created by different methods into one QKD system.

Quantum teleportation coexisting with classical data. To make a future quantum network cost-efficient, it is necessary to operate it over optical fibre that simultaneously carries classical data. This project will focus on the demonstration of coexistence between quantum teleportation and classical communication.