Tittel Lab

Welcome to the Tittel lab!

The Tittel lab focuses on the development and implementation of quantum key distribution systems. This promises the ultimate solution to the problem of security guaranteed by fundamental quantum laws that cannot be compromised by new technology. More specifically, we work on improving the fundamental understanding of key concepts that underpin extended quantum-secured communication networks, create the requisite quantum technology, assemble this technology into QKD systems and quantum repeaters, and work with various partners to translate our research into the real-world.

Highlights over the past few years have been the development of a solid-state quantum memory for entangled photons, quantum teleportation across the Calgary metropolitan fibre network, and the first real-world implementation of a revolutionary new quantum key distribution protocol with enhanced robustness against side-channel attacks and particular suitability for network implementations.

Do you wish to be part of his ground-breaking research? Then please contact W.Tittel@tudelft.nl.


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