September 2022:
An article about the MDI-QKD testbed launched with Eurofiber and Juniper gets published in het Financieele Dagblad.

July 2022:
Article about MDI-QKD gets published in het Nederlands Tijdschrift van Natuurkunde.

July 2022:
QuTech, Eurofiber and Juniper deploy a Quantum Key Distribution testbed in datacenters in the Utrecht area. Read more.

July 2022:
The paper “Deployed measurement-device independent quantum key distribution and Bell-state measurements coexisting with standard internet data and networking equipment” is published in Nature Communications Physics.

December 2021:
Paper on deployed MDI-QKD coexisting with conventional internet and networking equipment is in the arXiv.

July 2021:
Operational QKD network between Delft and Den Haag, with KPN and Cisco.
See the full video of the network release, or read about it on on the Quantum Delta NL website.

June 2021:
The team begins to install the next system into the field.

September 2020:

The team moves into its own lab and sets up shop.

June 2020:
Quantum technology for secure banking: QuTech teams up with ABN AMRO.Image
“A unique opportunity to test concrete and real applications in practice” Today, QuTech and ABN AMRO announce a new collaborative agreement that marks the start of a new phase in the application of quantum technology. Together, they will investigate advanced Quantum Key Distribution via glass fibre and through the air, to ensure optimally secured data … Continue reading