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Photo credit: Paul Brussee

In our team, we exploit the quantum mechanical properties of photonic qubits to realise a next-generation type of Quantum Key Distribution called Measurement-Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution (MDI-QKD), where an entanglement-generating Center Node is used to generate a fundamentally secret encryption key between two remote users. In the long term, we aim to upgrade this technology to allow for more general quantum networking applications, like connecting remote quantum processors and blind quantum computing. Rather than fundamental research, our team focusses on creating high technology readiness level systems to be used for real-world integrations and applications. To achieve this, we form a highly interdisciplinary team comprising Optics Engineers, Software engineers (Firmware, Embedded and Networking), Electrical Engineers and System Engineers: a place for everyone!

Interested to join our mission to provide the secure quantum network of the future? Please contact Joshua Slater (

Lab and team photo credit: Paul Brussee

Untappable quantum cryptography becomes practical with MDI-QKD

Engineers from QuTech can provide untappable communication that is cost-scaling to many users by using measurement-device independent (MDI) quantum key distribution (QKD). A notable side-feature is that conventional internet operates in parallel, on the same optical fibre. MDI-QKD is an important step towards an accessible quantum internet.