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Can quantum technology be used to prevent electoral fraud?

In the 5th quantum talk from Consulting company KPMG (Denmark), Johannes talks about how quantum networks can ensure secure voting. Something currently being pursued in the group.

Watch the 5th serie of Quantum Talks by KPMG with Johannes Borregaard

New Master student joining the group!

Joey Baretto will be developing an elaborate framework for characterizing superconducting qubit architectures as part of his Master studies. The project will be carried out in collaboration with an experimental team in Will Olivers group at MIT.

One-way quantum repeaters in Physical Review X

We are very happy that our work on one-way quantum repeaters has been accepted in Physical Review X! It will soon be published in the journal but it is also possible to read about the work at arXiv (https://arxiv.org/abs/1907.05101)


Johannes Borregaard in Quantum Talks organized by KPMG

Consulting company KPMG (Denmark) is getting interested in Quantum Technology and will run a series of short quantum talks on Linkedin over the next couple of weeks to raise awareness. In the second video in the series they talk to Johannes about quantum communication.

Watch Quantum Talks with Johannes Borregaard