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New paper in Nature

We are very happy that our joint work with the experimental team of Ronald Hanson has now been published in Nature! Admittedly, this is however foremost an achievement of the experimental team – congrats everybody!

The work was also featured in the New York Times


Hamiltonian learning - new preprint out


In our new preprint we propose an efficient, noise robust method for estimating the underlying dynamics of a large quantum device. The work is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Daniel and Albert from QMATH, Copenhagen and Slava, QuTech. You can read about here


New preprint out

Ensuring security and integrity of elections constitutes an important challenge with wide-ranging societal implications. Classically, security guarantees can be ensured based on computational complexity, which may be challenged by quantum computers. We show that the use of quantum networks can enable information-theoretic security for the desirable aspects of a distributed voting scheme in a resource-efficient manner. You can read about in in the preprint https://arxiv.org/abs/2112.14242


New preprint out

It has been exciting to aid the experimental NV team in Ronald Hanson’s group with numerical simulations as they demonstrated non-neighboring teleportation in the world’s first 3 qubit quantum network. You can read about in in the preprint https://arxiv.org/abs/2110.11373


New Master student in the group

Welcome to Bernard Wo who will be doing his Master’s project in the group investigating how code concatenation can improve the performance of one-way quantum repeaters!

New Master student in the group

Welcome to Yunzhe Zheng who will be doing his Master’s project in the group investigating loss tolerance in higher dimensional cluster states.

New Master student in the group

Welcome to Hemant Sharma who will be doing his Master’s project in the group working on photonic cluster generation with diamond defect centres!

New Master student in the group!

Welcome to Yorgos Sotiropoulos who will be doing his Master’s project in the group working on integrated multi-qubit entangling gates between quantum emitters in nanophotonic structures and their use for stabilizer measurements. Yorgos will be working both with Fenglei and the group of David Elkouss in connection with the Fujitsu project on a modular quantum computer based on diamond defect centres.


Tekna Talks Podcast

Johannes had the pleasure of participating in the first episode of Tekna Talks Podcast. A podcast in Quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Very nice concept! You can find the podcast here

Tekna Talks Podcast – A podcast in Quantum Computing & Artificial Intelligence

New Master student in the group

Welcome to Arlind Visha who will be doing his Erasmus+ Master’s project in the group working on quantum information processing with 2D photonic crystals. Arlind is a student o University of Surrey, UK.

New Master student in the group

Welcome to Kannan Vijayadharan who will be doing his Master’s project in the group working on quantum enhanced metrology with squeezed light and integrated photonics. Kannan is a student of TU Eindhoven and will be co-supervised by Prof. Stabile.

Modular quantum computer with Fujitsu.

It is now official that Fujitsu has teamed up with a large research team from QuTech to develop a modular quantum computer based on solid-state qubits. We are very happy to be part of the team and are looking forward to work closely together with the group of Ronald Hanson on linking modules optically via entanglement.

You can read more here


Image credits
Ryoichi Ishihara, Associate Professor Faculty of EEMCS and QuTech

New postdoc joining the group!

We are very happy that Liubov Markovich is joining the group as a postdoc. Liubov obtained her PhD under the supervision of Prof. V.I. Man’ko in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. She is working on the study of properties and characteristics of quantum systems.

New PhD student joining the group!

A warm welcome to Fenglei Gu as new PhD student in the group. Fenglei will be working on spin-photon interfaces for both long distance quantum communication and modular quantum computation.

Some thoughts on the tower of Babel


Johannes shares some thoughts on quantum technology and the tower of Babel in a post on “Bits of Quantum” – the QuTech blog

Read the blog post here

Can quantum technology be used to prevent electoral fraud?

In the 5th quantum talk from Consulting company KPMG (Denmark), Johannes talks about how quantum networks can ensure secure voting. Something currently being pursued in the group.

Watch the 5th serie of Quantum Talks by KPMG with Johannes Borregaard

New Master student joining the group!

Joey Baretto will be developing an elaborate framework for characterizing superconducting qubit architectures as part of his Master studies. The project will be carried out in collaboration with an experimental team in Will Olivers group at MIT.

One-way quantum repeaters in Physical Review X

We are very happy that our work on one-way quantum repeaters has been accepted in Physical Review X! It will soon be published in the journal but it is also possible to read about the work at arXiv (https://arxiv.org/abs/1907.05101)


Johannes Borregaard in Quantum Talks organized by KPMG

Consulting company KPMG (Denmark) is getting interested in Quantum Technology and will run a series of short quantum talks on Linkedin over the next couple of weeks to raise awareness. In the second video in the series they talk to Johannes about quantum communication.

Watch Quantum Talks with Johannes Borregaard