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Borregaard Group

The overall focus of the group is to bridge the gap between quantum hardware and software working in the intersection of physics and mathematics. The group has close collaborations with several experimental teams both locally and across Europe and the US exploring various hardware platforms for quantum information processing (including groups at Harvard, MIT, University of Chicago, Copenhagen, and Humboldt University Berlin). One particular focus of the group is quantum networks in a broad sense. This includes protocols for long-distance quantum communication, quantum sensor networks for enhanced metrology, and development of novel quantum network applications.

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An integral part of the efforts is to outline feasible routes towards implementation of the more abstract quantum information protocols being developed. In particular, to consider potential hybrid architectures where complimentary quantum hardware platforms are combined to realize new powerful capabilities.

Specific research areas include:

  • Quantum light-matter interfaces.
  • Quantum communication protocols and network architectures.
  • Quantum enhanced metrology.
  • Noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) algorithms.