We design and realize nano-scale objects with desirable quantum mechanical behavior. We are, for instance, controlling the motion of individual electrons, create quantum superpositions of single spins, transfer spin-states to flying photons, induce superconductivity into semiconductors and try to detect new particles (Majorana Fermions). For these goals we use one-dimensional materials such as carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires.

By means of nanofabrication we define nanoscale electronic and photonic devices with new quantum functionality. Those devices are measured at very low temperatures (close to absolute zero temperature). Our labs are high-tech in terms of nanofabrication, low-temperature setups and low-noise electronics. We hope that in the long term our fundamental studies will turn quantum mechanics into a new resource for technology.

Our latest device: An InSb nanowire connected to source and drain contacts and capacitively coupled to 5 narrow gate electrodes.