Postdoc Positions Quantum Networks

If you are excited about making quantum networks a reality, there are two new postdoc opportunities available at QuTech in the group of Stephanie Wehner, in collaboration with the members of QuTech’s Quantum Internet and Networked Computing Roadmap as well as the Quantum Internet Alliance.
You should apply for these positions if you are excited about either:
1. Simulations of quantum networks to explore their scalability.
2. Developing the theory, design and implementation of a software and network stack on quantum hardware in collaborations with experiment.

To join, you should have a PhD in computer science, physics or engineering by the time of assuming the position, and a very strong background in either quantum information, computational physics/simulations or classical network systems.
More information about the Quantum Internet Alliance also at

How to apply

To apply for this position, please use the general Quantum Internet Alliance application form, selecting “Theory and Software” as well as “QuTech”.