Join us in creating the quantum future

The Netherlands has a unique knowledge position in the field of quantum computing and quantum research in Delft is at the forefront. QuTech is a core part in a wider international ecosystem and seeks to transition quantum computing and quantum communication from basic research disciplines to working technologies. At QuTech international scientists and engineers from TNO and the faculties of EEMCS (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) and Applied Sciences closely work together to realize the QuTech missions: to build the first scalable quantum computer prototype and a secure quantum internet. The working culture is international, inspiring and innovative with plenty of room for ambition, entrepreneurship and innovation.

QuTech is always looking for excellent PhD students and Postdocs. Openings are available throughout the year in both experimental as well as theoretical quantum information with the following groups.

If you are interested in a PhD or Postdoc, please apply to the group you are interested in directly (with your CV, motivation and references). The below mentioned email addresses are for generic applications. For general information regarding the university PhD program please visit: TU Delft.

Leo Kouwenhoven
Ronald Hanson
Lieven Vandersypen
Leo DiCarlo
Tim Taminiau
Giordano Scappucci
Srijit Goswami

Menno Veldhorst
Wolfgang Tittel

PhD inquiries
Postdoc inquiries

Stephanie Wehner
Michael Wimmer
David Elkouss
Barbara Terhal
Slava Dobrovitski

Johannes Borregaard

PhD inquiries
Postdoc inquiries