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Do you want to learn more about quantum computers and quantum Internet? QuTech Academy offers two specialised courses on the EdX platform and is currently in the process of creating two compact programmes for students of all levels.

Envision a world with quantum technologies

Quantum computers & quantum internet: how can they change the world?

Discover quantum computers and the quantum internet. Learn the principles and promises behind these developments and how they will impact our future. 

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Quantum Crypto- graphy

Stephanie Wehner, together with Thomas Vidick, Assistant Professor, Computing and Mathematical Sciences of the California Institute of Technology, created this interdisciplinary course as an introduction to the exciting field of quantum cryptography. The course answers the question “How can you tell a secret when everyone is able to listen in?”.

Participants of the course learn how to use quantum effects, such as quantum entanglement and uncertainty, to implement cryptographic tasks with levels of security that are impossible to achieve classically.

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Topology in Condensed Matter

Anton Akhmerov created, in collaboration with Maryland University, a course that offers a simple and hands-on overview of topological insulators, Majoranas and other topological phenomena.

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