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Minor Quantum Science and Quantum Information

The quantum world is full of magic: particles can be in two different states at the same time, they influence each other instantaneously even when they are light years apart. The fascination for quantum physics lies in its magic and in its potential. Quantum mechanics imposes fundamental limits on the precision with which we can measure values of physical quantities.

A world which is so vastly different from the one we experience in our daily lives offers functionalities which go far beyond those offered by classical physics. One such functionality is fully safe communication, another is the quantum computer. The limitations manifest themselves in detectors: here a challenge is to reach the uncertainty limit imposed by quantum mechanics.

This minor introduces you to the quantum world and unveils its spectacular potential and its fascinating limitations. Instead of relying on daily life experience, you sometimes dive into a mathematical description which leads to outcomes via reasoning that even experts find hard to understand.

There is a vibrant community of scientists and engineers at TU Delft working on quantum technologies, who will help you to unravel the magical world of quantum physics.
Auxiliary fields such as mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering are covered, always with an eye to their application within quantum science and information. In a group project at the end of the minor you will work on applications in quantum technology, concerning software or hardware.