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QuTech is looking for talented students in quantum technology and science from all over the world!

Do you want to be part of these exciting developments and add a piece of the puzzle that might change the world? Check out our programmes and we hope to welcome you in one of our campus programmes or online courses.

Axel Dahlberg – PhD student

“Take part in developing the technique of the future.”

What kind of research are you working on?

“My research is on how to route entanglement in quantum networks and in particular how this can be done with graph states. It is about finding out how we can use the entanglement that occurs. This research is still at the theoretical stage, so on what might be in the future.”

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Jonas Helsen – PhD student

“Learning to deal with the fact that you are probably wrong is a very exciting part of the job.”

What kind of research are you working on?

“After finishing my master’s, while browsing for PhD positions, I found an article in Nature announcing the opening of QuTech. When I checked out the website, I found out that QuTech had a theoretical section and that an opening for a PhD student had just closed. I contacted Stephanie anyway and she gave me a couple of days to get my application ready. After two interviews I was hired and started working on quantum Information theory for quantum Networks. Now I am working with the Quantum Error Correction group: the group that is dealing with the fact that quantum computers are not working perfectly. In fact we deal with complicated machines that cannot do a lot yet and fail all the time!”

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Eric Leerssen – MSc student

“Quantum computers are not magic, they are an amazing feat of engineering.”

Why did you choose a master’s course in quantum?

“I was always fascinated by the idea of quantum computers but never knew anything about them. When searching for information about how they function, you will mostly find information on how to create a superposition, but it never really gives you a full understanding of the concept. That’s why I took the course Fundamentals of Quantum Information: I wanted to learn more about the functioning and the power of a quantum computer.”

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Arnold Overwater – MSc student

“A quantum computer doesn’t magically break your code, it just exploits its power to perform period finding.”

What made you choose master’s course in quantum?

“Currently I’m a student in the Algorithms group at the department of Software Technology. The QuTech course Fundamentals of Quantum Information does involve some programming, as well as security, cryptography and algorithms. These are all topics I have been dealing with in my bachelors, so I thought this would be a logical elective.”

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Filip Rozpędek – PhD student

“QuTech gives all students a large perspective of what is happening in the field of quantum all over the world!”

What kind of research are you working on?

“Stephanie interviewed me on the QuCrypto Conference in Paris and in January I started working here in Delft. When I started, I didn’t have so much specialised knowledge so I needed to warm up a bit. I started with a project that looks at quantum preparation uncertainty and lack of information. The results of this project were published in the New Journal of Physics.”

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Sophie Hermans MSc

“In our group we read a paper once a week collectively. In the time of one hour, we discuss the paper and see whether we can learn something from it for our experiments.”

A day in the life of a master student

Hi! My name is Sophie Hermans and I am a master student in the group of Ronald Hanson. I have started my MSc project about five months ago in the ‘cavity team’. In this blog post I will take you along and show you what I do on a regular day at QuTech.

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Natasja Jovanović MSc

“Working at QuTech means working with an ambitious, smart and fun group of people.”

What is inspiring about quantum?

“The world on the nanoscale is just fascinating. On such a small scale, the classical laws of physics that we experience in daily live start to fade and quantum physics starts to dominate. It’s these quantum effects that we want to utilise to make a computer that can calculate problems which cannot be solved with a classical computer.”

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Eddie Schoute MSc

“The interesting topic and the great people in the group made my master’s thesis fun and a great learning experience.”

What kind of research are you working on?

“For my master’s thesis, I worked on theoretical research on quantum communication between satellites. I did my research within QuTech in the Quantum Information group, which is led by Stephanie Wehner. With quantum communication you can send messages in a perfectly secure way. In a network with a large number of users, however, it is not feasible for each user to have a direct quantum connection with every other user.”

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