"One day I work on the theory and the next day I am troubleshooting in the lab!"


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Building a Quantum Computer & Internet is really multidisciplinary. There is no field of study that teaches Quantum Computer Sciences yet, so everyone joins in from their own background. While building the quantum computer, we are creating a new field of science.

– Jonas Helsen, PhD student at QuTech –  

QuTech is a front-runner in the field of quantum computing and quantum internet and has the window of opportunity to become the world leader in the field of quantum. Chances are that the first quantum computer and the first large-scale quantum internet will be built in Delft. Read more

Master coordinators

Applied Physics

Mr. Arno Haket

Computer Science – Data Science & Technology Track

Dr. Claudia Hauff
Dr. Klaus Hildebrandt

Computer Science – Software Design Track

Dr. Sebastian Erdweg Rafael Bidarra

 Computer Engineering A.J. van Genderen

Electrical Engineering – Microelectronics Track A. Bossche

Electrical Engineering – Electrical Power Engineering Track

Dr. Laura M. Ramírez Elizondo 

Electrical Engineering – Signals & Systems Track

Dr. R. Heusdens

Electrical Engineering – Telecommunications & Sensing Systems Track G.J.M. Janssen

Applied Mathematics M.B. van Gijzen

Embedded Systems A.J. van Genderen


Questions regarding bridging programmes

Only for students with a BSc degree from a Dutch university.

Applied Sciences:
All other master programmes:

Questions regarding admission and application

International Office
+31 (0)15 27 88012

QuTech Academy


QuTech and QuTech Academy are located at
Delft University of Technology.

Faculty of Applied Sciences (Building 22)

Lorentzweg 1
2628 CJ Delft
The Netherlands

+31 15 27 86 133

Suggestions for the QuTech Academy

Anne Strobos – Programme Manager


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